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Neurelitism Project and Poststructuralism

November 1, 2007

I suppose that any faith I might have once had in gradualism (gradual change) has fallen by the wayside.

Basically, like Foucault, I see all social discourses (knowledge systems) as dominated by power interests. Also like Foucault, I have no problem with social discourses in themselves. I do, however, believe that we should subject, or be willing to subject, them to criticism and social scrutiny.

Since all social discourses are constructed by those in power (and are not real), they can also be deconstructed. However, one of the ways in which people in power remain there is by convincing us that their particular social discourse is real; and, if you reject it, you are delusional, lacking in common sense, or even unpatriotic. George W. Bush has done precisely that with his war on terror (which I reject).

For me, poststructuralism is very liberating. Once one recognizes that social discourses are entirely constructed, one can be free to work with others to create new ones. I see that happening on message boards like Wrong Planet. People are challenging conventional ideas on Asperger’s syndrome and autism and constructing a new social discourse.

One of my projects is to have neurelitism become a part of that discourse.

(Note: Whenever I refer to revolution, I only mean becoming activists for a new social discourse. I am not referring to political revolution.)

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