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November 01, 2007

November 1, 2007

I used to be driven mad by labels in shirt collars, and I would continually be pulling on my shirt collars around the front of my neck. I still do so once in a while, but, at 51, I have overcome many (though certainly not all) of the issues I had years ago.

I have the soul of a revolutionary. I was involved in some of the student protests of the 60s (even though I was quite young). I now combine the ideas of Michel Foucault (un poststructuraliste français) with those of Karl Marx. My idea is to promote the development of an ideology of neurelitist liberation, consciousness raising, and solidarity.

One major consideration is that people with schizoid personality disorder are not generally autists, and autists do not generally have schizoid personality disorder.

In other words, people on the autism spectrum generally want to pursue our own interests and have no interest in controlling others. I am like that. As long as people do not try to control me, I am pretty happy and content. (My sister, who has ADHD-I, had to learn that about me. Both she and our late mother are or were control freaks. Unfortunately, our mother never quite got it. She regarded me as selfish because I did not do what she thought was best.)

Part of me would like to get married, for instance, but I haven’t the faintest idea of how to do it (weird as that may sound to some people). Even stranger, I taught the class, Marriage and Family, for many years. I can explain family dynamics very well. (I am a really good lecturer.) However, when I try to pursue dating relationships, I fall flat on my face.

Those with schizoid personality disorder, on the other hand, could care less about most social relationships. It is not that they are socially clueless. They simply have little or no interest in social activities.

Psychiatric categories are only constructions (not real things). Some have almost no field support at all. That is a problem which the APA will try to address with the forthcoming DSM-V. However, no matter what, they will still be constructions. You can’t touch or see a psychiatric category in the way you could a bird of a flower.

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