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Sensory Processing Disorder

November 17, 2007

At least in the U.S., sensory processing disorder (previously called sensory integration dysfunction) is a category which can only be officially diagnosed by occupational therapists. It is not, however, recognized as a “disorder” by the American Psychiatric Association in the DSM-IV-TR.

SDP is very controversial. Some people argue that it is a very high-functioning degree of Asperger’s syndrome (or is simply one of the faces of AS). Others, mostly occupational therapists and some U.S. elementary school teachers and administrators, claim it is a disorder in its own right and should be included in the upcoming DSM-V.

From what I have read, the prospects of SDP appearing in the DSM-V, as a primary disorder, are doubtful. However, it may be listed as one of the dimensions of the autism spectrum or, perhaps, as a condition which is recommended for further study.

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