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Test Taking

November 25, 2007

>>Interesting. You just pointed out one problem that does exist. Adults that have learned to compensate well will score lower if they answer according to their compensation. To get accurate scores, people should answer according to their natural tendences and discard adaptive behaviors they have acquired. I suspect that some people that learnt to compensate very early might get the wrong scores. I’ve seen such examples. <<

Okay, but adaptive behaviors beginning at what stage? To me, that gets into the whole nature-nurture argument. Considering that scientists (both natural and social) cannot agree on this issue, or regard the data as inconconclusive, wouldn’t it be unrealistic to expect respondents to make these judgments?

For instance, if I imagined myself at 8 and then at 15, my results would differ, too. (To what extent, I don’t know. I have not tried to nuance my responses that specifically.).

Also, to what degree is my present behavior at 51, compared to my childhood, adaptation or biological change?

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