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December 2, 2007

I take a pragmatist approach to the subject. As I see it, the unconscious is merely a construct. It does not “exist” anymore than happiness “exists” (or, for that matter, Asperger’s syndrome and the neurotypical). No one has ever seen an unconscious.

If, as a construct, it helps to make sense out of some of our experiences or observations, it can be used. If not, then another, more explanatory, construct should replace it.

The reason I use the word “pragmatist” rather than “pragmatic” is because I am referring to the philosophy of pragmatism. From a pragmatist standpoint, theories and models should only be used if they work. If not, they should be abandoned.

On the surface, pragmatism probably sounds like common sense. However, a lot of people disagree with it.

These things aren’t constructs.

IMO, all of our conceptions, outside of particular entities, are constructs. They are ways in which human beings make sense out of their experiences and observations.

With Aspergers syndrome, again, the brain of an aspie can be observed to not function in the same manner as the majority of the population.

Each person has a unique neurological makeup. AS and NT are human attempts to categorize some of that neurodiversity. Whether the cut off for AS is at point A or point B is a human (clinical) decision.

Getting to the original question of a sub-consious or unconsious, I think that these phenomenon lie somewhere near the base of the brain around the cerebral cortex.

Even if neuroscientists are able to locate the source for what is called the unconscious, it will still, in my view, be a construct

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