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Miscellaneous Thoughts

December 11, 2007

The most common alternative to “typical” would be “normal,” which would be even worse. There are problems with any terminology. However, I suppose, in using “neurelitism,” I am trying to point out that certain views of the spectrum are elitist. 😉

I don’t particularly like the term “Asperger’s.” It does not provide any information, except honoring the guy who studied it. The term “autism,” while again not perfect, I can live with.

I lucked out. Most psychiatrists would never have diagnosed me with Asperger’s. I come across as “neurotypical.” In fact, my psychiatrist said he was surprised when I told him about my past. My “official” diagnosis is OCD (though not really much of it), but he also acknowledges the Asperger’s (as did my old child psychiatrist when I phoned him).

My memories began to come back less than a year after the ECTs. However, most of what I wrote in that essay, I had forgotten until a few months ago. I started remembering more and more through the writing.

Part of the reason I might not have been diagnosed by most other psychiatrists is that I have no problem reading people and their facial expressions. (I used to when I was younger.)

Each of us has the ability to define ourselves according to our own wills. There is no reason to turn that will over to a neurological condition described by psychiatrists and neurologists.

If Asperger’s helps in that definition, good. However, the labels of others have no inherent power over anyone.

Well, now I will be getting off topic. However, speaking as a radical sociologist (which is my approach to the discipline), there are times when communication should break down – when the very situation of communication breaking down is advantagous. Deconstructing words and sentences questions assumptions, and it empowers others to know that they can do the same. We are not captives of the labels of others.

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