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Scores on Aspie Quiz

December 21, 2007
AS/HFA/PDD: Aspe communication + 10 – NT communication > 10.4

(6.2 + 10) – 6.1 = 10.1 (not in aspie range)

However, my actual results, on the current version of the test, were AS=152 and NT=75

ADD/ADHD: Activity > 6.2

My result was 8.4. However, I had a very low score on your ADHD test. (My sister has ADHD-I, but I have never been diagnosed with ADHD, and I am pretty sure I would not fall under that category.)

Dyspraxia: NT perception < 3.7

My NT perception is 5.4. That seems accurate. I did have poor coordination as a kid, but not so much now.

Dyslexia: 10 – NT hunting + Aspie hunting / 2 > 8.1

(10 + 2.5 + 5.4) / 2 = 8.95

However, I do not have dyslexia. I also scored very low on your dyslexia test.

Dyscalculia: NT hunting + NT perception / 2 < 6.6

(2.5 + 8.7) / 2 = 5.1

Not sure about that one either. I used to teach a university course in social science research methods and social statistics.

Social phobia: Social < 6.5

4.1. However, I do not think I have social phobia per se (though I am reasonably introverted).

Schizophrenia: Paranoia > 6.0 (paranoia is only in the PDF).

I couldn’t find paranoia in the PDF.

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