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If It Quacks Like a Duck ….

December 26, 2007

Asperger’s is a neurological difference, a neurodiversity, and there is no solid, empirical evidence that it can be altered through diets or massages. When I say “empirical evidence,” I am speaking here as an academic, i.e., articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

I don’t doubt the sincerity of many of the people offering alleged “cures” for ASDs. I also do not doubt the sincerity of some of the most fanatical members of religious groups I have studied as a sociologist of religion (the ones who are absolutely, positively certain they are right). However, as the late Garner Ted Armstrong used to say (of course, excluding himself), “There are many sincere people who are sincerely wrong.”

It is generally a good idea to ignore testimonials. Promoters of cures always want people to read these stories. They know that “the human touch” appeals to a lot of people and can easily, to the average nonscientist (and concerned parent), compensate for a lack of research data.

All that matters is published research in academic journals. IMO, everything else can be safely disregarded. Once that is done, none of the nonscientific “cures” amount to much of anything.

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