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Indigo and Crystal Children

January 6, 2008

I have several quotations on the subject of indigo and crystal children in my Spectrum of Autisms Compilation. You would need to do a page search. Unfortunately, I have not yet clearly organized the compilation around topics. (However, all the quotes on indigo and crystal children are together.)

My own view, which is similar to what I put into the compilation, is that this perspective arose from people, mostly involved in various expressions of the so-called “new age movement,” who wanted to put an appealing label on their children who had been diagnosed with ADHD or the autisms.

To be honest, I do not take these concepts seriously. When it comes to studying human variation, I prefer science to metaphysics.

However, most websites I have come across identify indigo and crystal children with ADHD. Very few relate these concepts to the spectrum of autisms.

“According to [Lee] Carroll and [Jan] Tobar, the Indigos appear self centered and demanding when their needs are not immediately met, they often act like they are royalty and they have no problem expressing their own self-worth, they have difficulty with authority and will not comply, waiting in line is difficult for them. All of these are symptoms of ADD/ADHD and in some cases Asperger’s Syndrome.”

It mentions “Asperger’s Syndrome,” but as secondary to ADHD.

To me, being diagnosed with Asperger’s autism was extremely positive, especially in light of the misdiagnoses and mistreatments I had as a child in the 1960s. I respect different constructions of these conditions, but I question the utility of so much supernatural speculation.

Most experts do not believe that rates of autism have increased, only that more are being diagnosed (broadening of diagnostic criteria, the fact that more clinicians are familiar with the autism spectrum and are qualified to diagnose, and a willingness of people to request a diagnosis).

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