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Schizoid Disorder of Childhood

February 24, 2008

It is a bit complex. The DSM-III had a category called “schizoid disorder of childhood.” In the DSM-IV, the same version which first incorporated “Asperger’s Disorder,” it was eliminated.

The ISD-10 (World Health Organization) now refers to schizoid disorder of childhood as an alternate term for “Asperger’s Syndrome” :

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  1. chaoticidealism permalink
    February 24, 2008 9:39 pm

    Well, that doesn’t make any sense. Schizoid personality disorder in adults has nothing to do with social skills; it’s basically the ‘extreme loner’ personality. There are similarities; but SPD is just basically someone who doesn’t care what others think of him, prefers to be alone, doesn’t display strong feelings, and has trouble enjoying anything at all. On the other hand, an Aspie is somebody who probably does care what people think, though he may not want to spend most of his time with others; and certainly can enjoy things–especially those special interests. I don’t think a child can have true schizoid personality… possibly a teen, but not a child. There’s a big difference between AS and SPD, in any case; though you could of course have both, especially if you were sufficiently disgusted with society’s treatment of you to want to withdraw.

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