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Sula Wolff

March 29, 2008

Both Asperger and Kanner studied people who, today, would be seen as having (Kanner’s) autism and Asperger’s autism (Asperger’s syndrome/disorder). From that standpoint, one could even reverse the names and still be accurate.

However, Sula Wolff has presented good, peer-reviewed evidence that G.E. Ssucharewa observed Asperger’s long before either Kanner or Asperger, in “The first account of the syndrome Asperger described? Translation of a paper entitled ‘Die schizoiden Psychopathien im Kindesalter’ by Dr. G.E. Ssucharewa; scientific assistant, which appeared in 1926 in the Monatsschrift fUr Psychiatrie und Neurologie 60:235-261”

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