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May 31, 2008
> Although I haven’t been reading this thread since it turned into an
> argument I have a good guess who you’re referring to, and am getting
> close to following that route myself. I don’t like killfiling regulars
> who have useful contributions to make but when the same person’s posts
> regularly make me see red for how stubbornly uncompromising and
> aggressive they are… maybe it’s time to stop reading them.

It is problematic. This whole issue began after I started posting here and mentioned that I am a college professor. I immediately found myself getting attacked, first by ____ and then by ____, including being called psychotic by the latter. If people had a better sense of themselves, they would not be likely to feel threatened by others.

Now, I realize that my post will likely make these individuals want to respond to me. However, I am not stupid. I have run into this sort of petty jealousy, name calling, etc. before.

I am just a guy – one who was fortunate enough to have gotten some good breaks along the way. I have my own views like anyone else, my own struggles, my own disappointments, and my own periods of depression (like most aspies I know). The fact that I have been singled out for this kind of abuse is, IMO, very disappointing.


The response I received from one of them:

> Mark certainly is full of himself, isn’t he?

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