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Schizoid and Schizotypal

June 12, 2008

“Exist” may not be the most useful term for psychiatric diagnoses. As my psychiatrist likes to point out, psychiatry is the only branch of medicine which treats people for conditions without known etiologies (causes).

The original name for Asperger’s syndrome in the DSM was schizoid disorder of childhood and adolescence (the DSM-III). However, schizoid personality disorder, which is different from schizoid disorder of childhood and adolescence, is also a somewhat controversial diagnoses (as are most of the personality disorders). The idea of medicalizing “unusual” behavior is not universally accepted among experts.

Also, some researchers believe that both schizoid personality disorder and schizotypal personality disorder refer to nothing more than adults on the autism spectrum who were never diagnosed as children.

They are both type A personality disorders (in the DSM-IV-TR). However, schizotypals tend to have very idiosyncratic mystical or occultic beliefs. For instance, they are often extremely superstitious.

Some writers see both personality disorders as expressions of the autism spectrum later in life.

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