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November 13, 2008

The editors of the anthology I use in my Social Problems classes refer to a matrix of domination, while in my personal narrative, I have pointed to a web of joint resistance. Oppressed persons, however different may be their lifeworlds and experiences, share an otherness or marginalization, and a social alienation, common to the territoriality of exclusion.

The autistic self-advocacy (neurodiversity) movement has, in my view, many issues of shared concern, particularly a rejection of the narrative of “being cured,” with certain other identity political movements. Autistic self-advocates reject the pro-cure agenda of Autism Speaks, Defeat Autism Now, and other organizations; the intersex rights movement resists attempts to force the dualistic model of sex on their bodies; the LGBT rights movement, gays and lesbians in particular, have, along with mainstream psychiatry, dismissed the view that homosexuality is a disorder to be cured; and the deaf rights movements opposes the idea that cochlear implants and lip reading are superior to signing.

Civil and human rights belong to all Americans, not just to those in positions of political power.

On an unrelated subject, I added a section on conducting job searches for autistics to my League to Fight Neurelitism site.

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