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Responses to Questions

December 8, 2008

I wrote the following in response to someone’s questions. However, since I have not requested her consent, I have edited out the questions.

I am very conscious of my emotions and, like most other persons on the spectrum I know, I have a deep inner and emotional life. My difficulty has been in relating to the emotions of others. However, over the years, through a combination of my theatrical training and my academic education and experience, I have learned to compensate for these differences. For instance, even if I do not relate to someone’s emotions (though I often do), I have learned how to behave in the appropriate fashion. I also do quite well now reading faces. (I was rather poor at it a few decades ago.)

I would certainly not say that I live my life through “pure logic.” However, I probably did so much earlier in my life. For instance, I could not understand why a person would behave inconsistently or lie. These days, I no longer have those issues.

On various bodies, I was frequently elected the chair. I am quite good about being fair and relatively impartial.

Theoretically, I am a social constructionist. No, I would not say it is especially rational. The most rational approaches within sociology are the various social behaviorisms (like rational choice theory). I do not find them to be very useful.

Regarding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, actually, I don’t think that people have “needs” (except, perhaps, for food, water, and shelter). That is where my social constructionism comes into play. To me, needs are simply a construction.

With respect to social acceptance, I have the desire to be accepted within my profession.

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