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Proclamation of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

April 25, 2009

For Immediate Release [first published on April 25, 2009]

In support of United Nations values of civil and other human rights, The League to Fight Neurelitism, a nonpartisan and nonsectarian public sociology and advocacy journalism project, officially proclaims the twenty-first day of May, 2009, and each subsequent twenty-first day of May, as World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. This annual commemoration, authorized by a 2003 resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations, honors the 2002 Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity from UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

The League to Fight Neurelitism addressed the subject of Autistic culture, comparing it with Deaf culture, in a previous communication. Interested readers may wish to pursue our Position Statement on Autistic Culture. As properly defined in a sociological context, culture is a way of life or a toolkit for addressing life’s challenges. Given the ubiquitousness of the Internet, cultures are not always contained within a single geographical space.

On this day of commemoration, the League would encourage Autists to reflect on Autistic culture from a multidimensional and relational standpoint. For instance:

  1. What, at present, are some of the distinguishing features of Autistic culture?
  2. Accounting for the diversity of perspectives among Autists, even stark disagreements on certain issues, how could cultural pluralism be turned to an advantage?
  3. Is it possible for Autists holding to very different views to work together on certain issues?
  4. If so, what might those issues be?
  5. How can Autists reach out even further to individuals and groups with other disabilities?
  6. Finally, what would be the objectives of these contacts?

Respectfully submitted,

Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.
Founding Director,
The League to Fight Neurelitism


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