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Name Changes

September 6, 2011
For Immediate Release [first published on September 6, 2011]

As is obvious from the header of the page, I have changed the name of this website once again. Perhaps I will eventually get it right.

I made the name change for three reasons: First, calling it a Sufi order, when I am not a Muslim, is obviously confusing. My own heart opened after I began studying Sufism, so I immediately wanted to have my own Sufi path. Still, no mater what name I use, I can express the same ideas. Second, I felt as though I was minimizing the significance of “Neurelitism” by not including it in the title. Third, The Asma Path, my other former Sufi order, is now called, Unities.

Here is the logic: The unity, or essence, of humanity is not, to me, merely an abstract concept. As we discover and acquire the attributes of human unity, that unity can be practiced in our daily lives. Decisions will be made consultatively.

Diversity, on the other hand, is a given. Each of us is an individual soul. We have particular capacities which can be developed throughout our lives. However, diversity by itself, like Autistic identity politics, can easily become a trap. If we focus upon the diversity, and neglect the unitying essence, societies, communities, and hearts may begin to fall apart.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.

Servant of United Against Neurelitism

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