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August 11, 2012
It is possible that an Autistic subculture may emerge. However, I think it may be too soon to say. What I mostly see is division – Autists attacking other Autists over just about everything.

Autists are a very socially fragmented pre-subculture. There are several major ideological divisions in the online Autism community.

The biggest issue is whether Autism should be “cured” (either partially or entirely). I used to be in the anti-cure camp. Since I changed my mind, the anti-cure people have removed me from their email lists.

There are other differences, as well. A small minority, but highly vocal, segment of Autists believe that Autism represents some kind of “super race.”

In order for subcultures to be stable, certain traits will distinguish them from the rest of the culture. There needs to be a shared identity.

I don’t think that the “subculture issue” will be clear for several years. Some of the factors which now divide Autists would need to be resolved on some level.

If a fixed subculture does emerge, in the libertarian direction I see it, many Autists (including me) will likely drift away.

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